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Reiki is simply universal life force energy that is channeled through the hands of the healer from the higher self of the client. It balances and opens central energy points in the body called Chakras. Reiki has incredible benefits and those who can benefit from this Energy Healing are:

Anyone who works in close proximity with people and takes on their energy

Anyone looking for a closer connection to the Divine

Women looking to enhance their connections to their bodies for fertility and pregnancy

People in physical or emotional pain

People battling illness, addiction, or grief

People living with anxiety and mood disorders

Empaths and Sensitive Souls

Infants, Children, & Teenagers


I have been practicing Reiki since May 2016. I am a Third Degree Reiki Master that specializes in Balancing Energy and Enhancing Wellness in Adults and Children.

I love working with Children because they do not have any preconceived ideals about the energy concept so they can fully accept the love of the universal life force. It aids in sleeping, balance, digestion, and overall well being. Additional benefits include reduced anxiety, stress, pain, and enhanced relaxation.

Adults that commit to their self-care and investment in their mind, body, and spirit will feel all the benefits that are needed within them during each session. It is a journey that can lead to a holistic healing in many areas of your life.


I use Healing Crystals, Essential Oils, Tapping Techniques, Acupressure and Oracle Cards in each session, so you receive a full Crown to Root Healing Experience- if you are interested in Crystal Jewelry visit the Crown to Root Crystal Shoppe! All Crystals are also infused with Reiki Energy!

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Located in Stafford Township, NJ however Distance Sessions/Packages Available

In this moment, I will practice gratitude and acceptance.

In this moment, I will not allow worry or anxiety to consume my thoughts.

In this moment, I choose joy, happiness, and love.

In this moment, I will work from a place of integrity, honesty, and empathy.

In this moment, I will show myself love and compassion.

In this moment, I am connected to my highest good and brightest light.

In this moment, I am my truth.

There are no refunds for healing sessions. The best guarantee is showing up and being willing to do the work. I trust in the results that I have achieved with my clients, and in the results we can achieve together. If you’re fully committed to healing then I can’t wait to help you to bring peace to your mind, body, and soul. Packages can be assumed by others.