MOMpowered Postpartum

Learn about a group STRONG, EMPOWERED Mothers, including myself, share their own journey of the Postpartum Mood Disorders they experienced from February 4th to February 13th in the Miindful Mamas Community Group.

Some interesting Statistics: (From the Featured Mamas)

70% were prescribed medication of some sort for their experience.

(even though some never took it)

50% sought connection from other Mamas to help cope

50% sought therapy in some form.

30% used Mindfulness Practices to help them get through the tough moments.

Learn about each Mama and their journey:

Interview: Nicole Marie Leming

Interview: Katherine Maranino

Story: Stephanie Snyder

Story: Nicole Obenshine

If you are willing to share your own journey for the betterment of all Mamas or are interested in becoming part of a Post Partum Mastery Group, click here.

With Gratitude and Love,