Welcome Beautiful Mamas!

I am Nicole Obenshine, I help Mother’s with a History of PPMD transform from Postpartum to Powerful and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

I am so grateful to connect πŸ™

Now that you are here, I invite you to learn more about me and my mission to help Mother’s transform. Explore below to see all my current offerings and events. I am thrilled you have made the choice to say YES to the best version of your life.

I have seen the storms, but arrived on the shore.

Read my full PPMD story here.

My purpose is to help you find yourself and inner power in your life once you enter into the world of Motherhood.

Every Journey begins with a Complimentary Clarity Session to connect with each other and dive into your current Challenges and Goals.

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If you are interested in Total Mind-Body-Spirit Healing?

Make an appointment today for your Introductory Crown to Root Healing Session! Benefits include Pain Relief, Reduced Stress, Natural Vitalization, Balance, & Relaxation.

I am also a Third Degree Reiki Master, so if you are interested in adopting this beautiful practice into your life, check out the list of Certification Classes offered here.


Are you ready to join group of powerful Mamas who have battled PPMD but are making the decision to show up strong, confident, and capable. You will have the opportunity to participate in a long term group mentorship program and onsite retreat in LBI, NJ. Learn more here.

I get to work with the most powerful people on the planet, Mothers. Here are some of my clients stories and testimonials. I am honored to serve in every opportunity the universe grants me.

I am located in Manahawkin, NJ where I hold Local Live Events and Workshops . I would love you to attend and learn more about becoming the most Mindful and Empowered Version of Yourself you can be. This transpires in so many ways, so start with that feels right for you.

Download my Free Empowerment Guide here. And feel free to explore my thoughts and emotions here in my blog posts.

With Love & Gratitude,